Buy a degree to boost your CV

Buy a degree to boost your CV

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Buy a degree to boost your CV

Not everyone realizes the impact that higher education has had on our present society. The global work environment changed incredibly from the 1980s to the year of 2010 and it seems that by 2020 matters will complicate further. As we speak, there is an average of 15 million students graduating every year from college around the world and with the international awareness that Western and, more specifically, American culture has, there are very few people who cannot understand or even speak English as they graduate from University. In fact, most faculties from developing countries include at least one mandatory English course in their curriculum, most of them particularly since multinational companies are interested in recruiting the best and the brightest.

Buy a degree to be competitive

In these circumstances, it’s almost impossible for an old-fashioned mentality to survive. Thinking that good, hard work and experience is going to land you a promotion is a risky affair to say the least. In fact, most executive managers are willing to hire young, motivated work force as long as they prove themselves responsible and reliable for the appeal that they have to other businesses, but also to the consumers. As such, attending an interview without having at least one degree from higher education is suicide. Not that your experience does not matter or that you cannot make the case that other aspects are also important, but you effectively invite the person in front of you to ask some uncomfortable questions that you may not be able to answer. To top it off, the majority of companies have an automated selection program that detects the achievements on your CV. Consequently, it’s very likely that you’ll be ruled out automatically for not fulfilling the minimum requirements.

Buy a degree to boost your CVYou can buy a degree to pass the verification

What nobody can take away from you is the degree of determination and the experience and talent that you possess. It’s not a novelty that college degrees rarely prepare you for what’s about to happen on a daily basis at work, so you must play your advantages wisely. You can buy a degree to pass the initial verification and then impress the employer by your complex knowledge of the tasks that you’ll be dealing with as a future employee. In addition, it helps a lot if you research into the company itself, what are its most successful and unsuccessful products, what it’s known for to the wide public or maybe where its competitors lie. This means gaining perspective on the entire organization and if you manage to do this before your interview, you are effectively paving your way to a well-paid job. Recruiting managers are keen on hiring people who realize the importance of their role within the macro business infrastructure, especially if there is a learning potential as well, since they can be turned into core managers later on.

When you buy a degree, you also improve your career prospects

Until now, we’ve talked about purchasing a diploma in order to stay competitive on the job offer market and have a chance at an interview. Still, a certificate from higher education ensures bigger chances of getting hired and, once this happens, a bigger salary as well. People that have an experience in the academic environment are also more likely to advance to key executive positions, so you shouldn’t hesitate much to buy a degree for the future of your career