Can you buy a degree from a real University?

Can you buy a degree from a real University?

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Can you buy a degree from a real University?

Purchasing degrees has been a topic for decades now, with millions of people around the world interested in acquiring a higher education certificate in order to improve their career prospects as much as possible. The more interesting aspect of this issue is whether you can buy a degree from a real University, since any certificate you may acquire from a diploma mill or a fake institution shows up as ineligible to an employer that puts your credentials to the test. Simply put, you can buy a degree from a University if the certificate is recognized by an educational institution, thereby making it real. Consequently, if the diploma is not recognized, then chances are it does not come from a real University.

What happens if you purchase a certificate from a diploma mill?

The number of people that buy their diplomas diploma mills should never be an argument for how good such a service is. Instead, you should view these statistics as the result of misinformation and lack of proper guidance. A diploma mill can never provide you with a recognized certificate. In the event that Can you buy a degree from a real University?you have a certificate from a diploma mill, then an employer can simply disregard it or, worse, consider that you may be trying to lie about your qualifications. It’s important that you are aware with the legal side of the matter, as many states in the U.S. have legally rectified such practices and you may be pursued in the court of law for using a degree from a diploma mill. Additionally, employers can also communicate with one another and, after you’ve been rejected from one interview, it might happen that all others turn out the same.

Spotting diploma mills

Instead of risking your reputation and, perhaps, the entirety of your career, it would be advisable to learn how to spot fake Universities or diploma mills. These organizations focus on creating a document that imitates a legally issued certificate as much as possible, but without having legal support for it. In this case, support refers to recognition, which is a status awarded by an institution that operates regionally, nationally or trans-nationally and whose purpose is to determine whether a higher education establishment is fit to issue accredited degrees. If, at any point, you encounter offers such as degrees for your experience or for passing a basic knowledge test, it is likely that you are dealing with a diploma mill. There are, on the other hand, quite a few organizations on the Internet, such as our own, that can give you the possibility of purchasing a recognized degree from a real University.

Tips for when you decide to buy a degree from a real University

What we advise all customers, not only our own, is to make sure that the date on their degree matches their academic pursuit, but also the standard graduation ceremonies that are held by Universities – one around July and another around September-October. Having transcripts is a must, since these are the documents that will testify your certificate comes from a real University, whereas other papers such as apostilles, notary legalizations and letters of recommendation or appreciation are a bonus. With these in your portfolio, your degree will be nothing short than a certified one. We cannot guarantee for other establishments, but when it comes to the documents we issue, you can rest assured that they come from a real University.