College majors guaranteed to get you a job

College majors guaranteed to get you a job

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College majors guaranteed to get you a job

Upon examination of the current trends on the job offer market, Forbes online published a number of articles indicating which college majors are the most profitable to pursue. In these circumstances, profitable is defined by which college majors are guaranteed to get you a job upon graduation, some of them possibly even before you acquire your diploma. U.S. statistics indicate that in 2013 nearly 70% of Computer Science graduates were proud to have at least one job offer, according to the National Association for Colleges and Employers. What’s important is that we realize the magnitude of this research: nearly 10,000 college seniors were surveyed, spanning over 17 college majors in total.

Should I become a Computer Science graduate?

Picking Computer Science out of the college majors you had in mind should not be a light decision. Even though it is sound for your decision to be fully informed by statistics, your experience may vary a lot from one University to another, particularly since each institution develops their own college majors uniquely. On the other hand, nobody can guarantee you’ll have a job 100% after graduating, since there are a number of factors that cannot be accounted for, let alone those that pertain to your individual circumstance. On the second spot, it seems that Economics seniors were just above 60% guaranteed at least one job offer upon completing their BA program, followed very closely by Accounting. It’s no wonder that these are the most demanded careers, since we live in a highly capitalized and technologized world. If you’re also talented or have good results, chances are very high that companies and employers will seek to make you sign offers earlier than you might expect.

College majors guaranteed to get you a jobWhat are the worst college majors in terms of employment offers?

Visual and anything related to Performing Arts seem to be at the bottom, with 28% percent of degree holders having one job offer, whereas college majors such as Education, Communications or Environmental Science don’t go above the 33% borderline.  These numbers are essential to establishing the biggest fields of activity in today’s society, but they can never predict your own future. The variables of our own circumstances can never be accounted for in these statistics, meaning that you can very well be a more successful artist than the majority of accountants, at least from a financial point of view. The other side of the issue is brought about by job satisfaction. It’s commonly known that when your job satisfaction is low, you are also likely to have a lower salary, along with decreased future prospects.

What we must learn from the best college majors

The most sought college majors on the job offer market give away important information about the structure of our society nowadays. Regardless of the field of activity that you are interested in joining, it’s more advised to pursue a career that would make you happy in the long run, rather than go with the flow and end up in a position where you don’t want to be. In this manner, you can put to good use the widespread availability of IT services either directly or through investing, thereby increasing your financial resources regardless of the job that you have chosen.