Should you get an online life experience degree?

Should you get an online life experience degree?

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Should you get an online life experience degree?

Although it has been around for a few decades, online education is still a rather new field for most people. Thus, like with any new development, there is some confusion regarding the termination involved and the actual service provided by online colleges and programs. One such issue has to do with the online life experience degree, which started out as an initiative of real universities and soon became something quite different.

What is a life experience degree?

Nowadays, it is a well-known fact that “online lifeexperience degree” is a term used by diploma mills in order to lure customers in. Diploma mills are business that attempt to scam people into believing that they can provide real degrees or that they are actual educational institutions that operate online. When a diploma mill pretends to be an online college, it tends to make the program much easier and therefore more attractive. This is how the idea of life experience degree came about – it basically refers to a degree that you “earn” based on your life or work experience, which you allegedly demonstrate by putting together a portfolio describing your experiences. Unfortunately, although it is much cheaper than a traditional degree and it takes much less effort to obtain, a life experience degree is merely a useless piece of paper, because it is not supported by any legal records or documents. What’s more, if you use such a degree in an employment situation, you might be risking your entire career and your reputation, since the most basic employer screening will single your degree out as phony.Should you get an online life experience degree?

Where it all started 

The initial concept that diploma mills drew on in order to come up with the life experience degree scam was developed by real British universities, which came up with an equivalating system by means of which students could turn their eligible work and study experiences into credits. This way, they would have to accumulate fewer credits in order to graduate, which resulted in a cheaper program and in a faster graduation. However, a real online university perform a very thorough check of the experience you submit for conversion and it certainly requires more than just putting together a portfolio. Indeed, you can only equivalate up to half of the total required credits, the rest being obtained only by means of conventional learning, coursework and exams.

Should you buy a life experience degree?

If you are a very busy individual that is in need of a quick degree, then applying for an online program that has an accelerated version and that functions based on experience conversion can be a wise decision. However, you should always stay clear of the “online life experience degrees” offered by diploma mills, as these will most likely result in damage for your career, rather than in support.

If you don’t have the time or the financial resources to enlist in an actual online program, you can still avoid diploma mills and collaborate with a reliable degree provider in order to have a degree issued and signed by a real university in exchange for a smaller fee. Our website provides such a service, and we invite you to learn more about us in order to determine whether or not buying a degree is the right choice for your circumstances.