The truth behind life experience degrees

The truth behind life experience degrees

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The truth behind life experience degrees

Life experience degrees are a common way to attract the attention of more gullible Internet surfers, who are not accustomed to the practices regularly used by diploma mills and other such scams. The trick involves making a person realize their own worth, while also pointing out to the fact that nobody recognizes informal learning experience at a formal interview. The next step is to imply that your life experience can be materialized in a diploma known as a life experience degree. Still, real job interviews are not as portrayed by the websites of diploma mills and there are a lot of ways in which you can put to good use your background, while avoiding a life experience degree.

Interviewers do not recognize life experience degrees

Putting a life experience degree on your CV is not a decision that you should take lightly, even if you already own one. While common sense might dictate that since you invested financial resources in a product you should use it, it may prove more harmful than useful to your career. For instance, quite a few states in the U.S. have come up with articles in their official legislation about the use of a life experience degree on your resume or at an interview. Since these certificates are not recognized, you are liable to be faced with charges in the court of law for putting one of these diplomas on your record. Sometimes it happens that your credentials are not verified by the interviewer, but, particularly when it comes to good positions, this is a routine check-up in today’s corporate environment. As such, you might be put in the uncomfortable situation of being asked why you used a life experience degree on your resume at a job interview, even though these documents are not recognized.

The truth behind life experience degreesHow you can put your life experience to good use

Instead of trying to buy a fancy-looking diploma from a website that claims you can get numerous advantages by making a purchase from them, you can put down your life experience on your CV and then try to employ it during your interview. Questions such as “What are your strong/weak points?” or “How do you deal with…” invite you to resort to the life experience you own as a resource to answer these inquiries without restriction. In fact, most employers nowadays care more about how you put your life experience to good use rather than what flashy certificates you can show off. While a degree is always a good addition, it doesn’t guarantee that you are the right person to perform a certain task under certain conditions.  Consequently, you avoid the risk of using a life experience degree on your CV, while improve your hiring prospects in a natural and respectable manner.

Becoming skeptical to life experience degrees

Whenever you come across an organization or website claiming that you can obtain a life experience degree, we advise you to take it with a pinch of salt. Being skeptical won’t harm your career in any way and, most often than not, it will guarantee that your professional future does not have hidden secrets the competition can use against you. If you are looking to purchase a degree, than make sure it’s from a website that can provide you with a recognized certificate and supporting documentation.