What is a doctorate degree worth on the employment market ?

What is a doctorate degree worth on the employment market

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What is a doctorate degree worth on the employment market ?

It is commonly believed that paying for education is one of the most sure-fire investments one can make, but the truth is that even this expenditure can go south if uncalculated. Indeed, most of our careers depend on our academic record, both in terms of what we choose to do for a living and in terms of opportunities and salary rates. However, we must know exactly how much a degree is worth and what value it will bring to our resumes before deciding to go back to school and pay thousands of dollars for it.

The job offer market – An overview

If a few decades ago, it would have been possible to start a career right after graduating high-school and to obtain promotions solely based on your experience and skills, today this is no longer the case. In fact, most if not all jobs feature minimum qualification requirements and these usually extend all the way to higher education. In other words, you can’t even apply for most jobs without having graduating from at least a BA program. As you move up the ladder, the competition is even tighter. When you walk into an interview waiting room and you realize that everyone has the BA you pride yourself with, you begin to think that perhaps you should add an MA to your qualifications. Finally, if you’re thinking about an upper-management position, then a PhD comes into play.

What is a doctorate degree worth on the employment market What is a doctorate degree?

A PhD or a doctorate degree is the highest level degree one can obtain as a student. It follows only after graduating from a BA and at least one MA and it involves at least 3 years of study and research, all cumulated in a dissertation paper evaluated by a specially assigned committee. In addition to the previous degrees, the doctorate degree requires that the student-researcher brings something new, innovative and useful to the field of study through their work and this is perhaps the most difficult aspect of graduating from a PhD program. After all, finding something that has not been said already in the 21st century is a difficult task, one that implies thorough knowledge of an entire field of study to say the least. Most PhD programs can be accessed either traditionally, on campus or as online programs, through the Internet.

How much is a doctorate degree worth?

It may be difficult to obtain a doctorate degree in a traditional fashion, but the results are definitely worthwhile. Because of how trying it is to graduate from such a program, the title of “doctor” bears a special prestige and social status with it, giving its holder the opportunity to apply for upper management positions and to occupy a more respected social position. Indeed, you cannot measure the worth of a doctorate degree only in larger salaries, but rather you have to consider the fact that in addition to landing you a better-paid job, a PhD transforms you into a well-respected member of your community and makes others around you value your judgments in the field with more authority. Thus, whether you need a PhD to earn a promotion or to improve your professional image, the degree itself is certainly worth its effort.